Start The Conversation #SLP2Bchat Mon 26 Aug 8pm AEST

According to Speech Pathology Australia (@SpeechPathAus on Twitter) 1.1 Million Australians struggle to communicate in their own language – this impacts negatively on their education, health, wellbeing, relationships, employment, and participation in many aspects of society.

This coming week (25 Aug-31 Aug) is Speech Pathology Week and it is a very important opportunity to  raise awareness in the general public about the many Australian children, adolescents, and adults who have communication difficulties. These people urgently need the wider public to understand a lot more about what they face, and what will help them.

Join us in a Twitter Chat (see topics below) with the tag #SLP2Bchat at 8pm on Monday 26th August AEST, designed to get Student Speech Pathologists in Australia into Twitter to Start a Conversation with the general public of Australia on all things Speech Pathology. 

The Twitter Chat will be moderated by @dmkennedy92 and the tag is #SLP2Bchat. We have students joining in from all over Australia at 8pm AEST.

Will your University also take part?

Other University student speech pathology groups can feel free to adapt and post the following information on their Facebook groups and have a similar chat in Twitter, any time during the week – just use the same tag #SLP2Bchat so that all of the tweets can be collected to show just how important Speech Pathology Week has been to these students in Australia. Here is the Facebook posting information that was used at the University of Newcastle with names removed:

SPEECH PATHOLOGY WEEK 25th-31st of August.

To celebrate Speech Pathology Week and allow student to become more familiar with Twitter for speech pathology learning we are having a Student-Led moderated Twitter chat on Monday the 26th at 8pm. This is to ‘Start the Conversation’ about ‘Using Twitter to Converse’. Most speech pathologists and speech pathology students do not really feel confident in using Twitter, or are not sure what it might offer. This is an opportunity for those who are on Twitter or who would like to join up for the first time, to test it out to learn more. This event will be a way of chatting with other students be they University of Newcastle or from other universities within Australia and around the world. We are more than happy to help out if you need tips to sign up or start, and it is just a chance to have a go at Twitter and see what it has to offer for you. Speech pathology students in Twitter (in Australia) are called ‘SLP2B’. Just like ‘SLP’, but in training.

The Topics we will discuss in the hour include:

Break the ice – 5 mins:  Tell us if you’re here – and what you would be studying if you weren’t studying speech pathology?

T1. How would you describe your speech pathology student life (SLP2B) life in a tweet?

T2. What is an obvious, funny, charming or unusual SLP2B trait?

T3. What has been your favourite area of SLP thus far?

T4. Twitter is great for sharing resources and links – what’s your top tip for a great website or blog for Speechies or Speechie students?

Being in the chat will help students to learn how to send a tweet, how to reply to a tweet, how to use a hashtag, and how to network up and connect with other students and speechies who are in the chat as well. You are more than welcome to ask NAME or NAME any questions or would like to get a few tips before Monday night. We have lots of ‘how to tweet’ resources. But the easiest way is to sign up, put up a picture, put something in your bio, and follow me. I’m happy to do it through Facebook or Email CONTACT or on twitter. My twitter handle is HANDLE NAME and the hashtag that will be used for the chat will be #SLP2B. Don’t be shy there is a wonderful learning resource right at your finger tips.