#AACaware “October is International ‘Augmentative and Alternative Communication’ Awareness Month

If you see this tag on tweets #AACaware it relates to an international awareness month run by #ISAAC (International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication)  for anything to do with Augmentative and Alternative Communication (any form of communication that is not speech, that helps people who cannot rely upon natural speech to communicate).

AAC includes communication boards, books, and speech devices, the use of sign or gesture and many strategies and techniques to help people with little or no speech to communicate. AAC helps many people around the world – but so few people really know what AAC really ‘is’ in the world, as it is so rarely seen. Things are changing though – with more and more media reports on the good stories of the impact AAC can have when a person has good access. Almomst everyone knows someon who has difficulty communicating – #AACaware awareness month is to make sure everyone knows a lot about the many types of communication aids and techniques that can help people to understand to be understood in society.

For more information about International AAC awareness month (October) go to www.isaac-online.org and http://www.isaac-online.org/english/international-aac-awareness-month

AND in Australia, look at this (silent) morning tea! I am sure they would be happy to share resources that are used in tis kind of ‘work site’ event. http://www.scopevic.org.au/index.php/site/supportus/morewaystocontribute/silentmorningtea







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