Ideas coming from Twitter for Apps for Interaction with Adults

I asked the Twitterverse for the names of apps as ideas for inclusion in our ‘Communication Enrichment in Aphasia’ research project, run through the Communication Disability Centre at the University of Queensland. This is the resulting list! I cannot comment on any of the apps, I am just putting it here in case others want to see the responses in one place. Thanks for all of the contributors, especially @tactustherapy and @therabees who ran hot on ideas at the same time: (Apologies if the names/spelling of apps is incorrect – inclusion is not endorsement). Also, contact me if you can think of any others! Inclusion on this list does not indicate inclusion in our research – it’s just a list.


Bejeweled, Where’s My Water, Cut the Rope Experiments
TicTacToe, Checkers, Connect4, SimonSays, TaptheFrog, PaperToss, FruitNinja, MatrixGame, Chess, SolitaireĀ lists of apps
Logo Quiz
Word Games, look for word searches, 7 Little Words, Chictionary, DoodleFind, Word Shaker, DrawSomething, Scrabble
Language: MyPlayHome, More Grillin’, CookieDoodle, Conversation Cards, You’re Only Old Once, Video Time Machine
2-player: Awesome Memory, Air Hockey, Bag Game, Hangman, as well as others mentioned.


footy flick, retro pinball, pipe roll, labyrinth, star walk, google earth, RTA NSW, ABC (podcasts etc), SMH online, Saving yellow
line birds, office jerk and Spark- great for conversation starters:)
sticky notes too! And I use weather from SMH

Aphasia therapy apps–Apps-to-Aid-Aphasia.htm



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