Communication During Hospitalisation: The Path To Better Health Care

Program of Research: The NHMRC fund my research program “Communication During Hospitalisation: The Path To Better Health Care.” This is a 4 year project and involves several sub-projects including adults with developmental disability, people with cerebral palsy and/or intellectual disability, family and paid carers, and hospital staff. The program has recently expanded to include children with cerebral palsy, and adults with acquired communication disabilities. We are investigating barriers to and strategies for better communication between staff and patients who do not speak, and those who rely on Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) strategies, such as boards, books, and speech devices, speech interpreters, and other methods of non-verbal communication. Improving direct communication between patients with no speech and hospital staff will reduce the risk and incidence of patient safety incidents, improve hospital experiences, and improve care. Outcomes of the research are published as the project proceeds and are available for reading and citation by contacting me or viewing my ResearcherID profile.


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